Demands of the Black Students of EMU

The Black Student 10-Point Plan

1. We demand that the amount of Black faculty match the amount of Black students (not including all faculty in the Africology department). Meaning: the ratio needs to match without including the Black faculty in that department. We demand these positions be majority tenure-track so that their position is not disposable.

2. We demand all students be required to take a general education course on race, ethnicity, and racism.

3. We demand Black Studies be built into the curriculum of every major. Meaning: all students would be required to take a course in the AFC department with a focus in their major.

4. We demand annual cultural competency training and evaluation for all faculty and staff including DPS.

5. We demand a CMA that has the capacity to host large groups of marginalized students in a safe space without restrictions on outside food. We demand a functioning CMA equipped with proper space and given proper recognition.

6. We demand a low-income meal plan option—not requiring that students who live on campus purchase a meal plan.

7. We demand several Black financial advisors whose sole purpose is to find and distribute scholarships and financial aid to and for Black students specifically.

8. We demand a separate committee, made up of students selected by BSU, for Black Homecoming Week, with the autonomy and power to schedule and hold events for Black Homecoming.

9. We demand a Doctorate and Master’s Program for Africology and African American Studies with adequate funding and no less three full-time graduate assistantships, in addition to making AFC a teachable subject for Student-Teachers.

10. We demand the Women’s Resource Center dedicate at least three programs a year to Black women specifically. We demand a Black resource center under the umbrella of the Center for Multicultural Affairs.


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