Eagle Puppets


EMU students were reminded today that if you’re Black and you creatively organize against campus hate crime, the administration’s going to come down on you. Appeals from faculty protesters and even racial justice attorneys were met with ice-cold recalcitrance from the administration, via Geoff Larcom: regardless of moral context, EMU takes a hard line against Black activists.

And though administration refused to allow ACLU attorney Mark Fancher to accompany faculty into a heated meeting with Vice President Phillips, they can’t bar the public from reading the letter the ACLU published the very same day.

The RAW community has a message for EMU administrators and their puppeteers the white Regents: we see through your front line (media relations professionals, cops, and other Level-1 brand managers), and we’ll continue to support students at Eastern until Black Life matters on their campus, and the Black Student 10 has been implemented.


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