Demands of the #FreedomTuesdayz Organizers

We demand points below be put into writing as Ordinances or added into the charter for the City of Ypsilanti. Put in writing (ordinance or charter revisions) repercussions for not adhering to revisions to policy; something other than “discretion of police chief.”

1. Police Reform

a. Annual cultural competency training

b. Procedure laid out for dealing with people with mental illnesses

i. Identify or create a separate entity to deal with these cases

ii. Nothing more than rubber bullets or any non-lethal tactics used on scene

c. Decriminalize disruption

d. If there exist quotas for tickets and arrests, eliminate this practice

i. Put in writing that such practices cannot and will not occur, include punishment if the department or court is found to be doing so

e. Ordinance for protection against “Failure to Appear” fines and warrants

i. Cap court revenue at 10%

ii. Allow judges to waive payment or initiate payment plans

1. Section 70-35 of Ypsilanti Code of Ordinances

f. Civilian Oversight Board established and funded by the city via ordinance or charter (that has the power to):

i. Investigate police misconduct

ii. Subpoena and discipline officers

g. Limit on the use of force

i. Put in writing a procedure for de-escalation when dealing with non-lethal suspects and/or weapons

1. This means officers MUST deploy or use these tactics before using a firearm or worse

h. Make a recommendation that the fine for violating Division 7, Section 102-190 Traffic Prohibited of the City Code of Ordinances be $5.00.

i. Prioritize Community Policing

i. Extra points on exams for people who live in the community & other incentives

ii. Strongly encourage new hires to move into the community

j. Create local surveys using research entities (EMU, or any other organization)

k. Require the use of audio/visual body cams

i. Develop clear polices and ordinances that govern the use, storage and accessibility to the public of body cam footage

l. Ordinance requiring immediate independent and external investigation for officers who are a part of the YPD who kill or seriously injure a suspect and/or citizen

i. Also ensure the prosecutor is independent and external following the investigation

m. We demand that there be an Ypsilanti City Council and HRC joint work session dedicated specifically to the above-mentioned elements of reform

n. The publicizing of police officers’ disciplinary records and misconduct history

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