Happy Birthday, David Ware


RAW’s final project as a collective was to fundraise a headstone for David Antjuan Ware, who was unarmed and murdered by an Ypsilanti cop during a LAWNET sting operation in 2007. David was born November 18, 1977. He should be alive and celebrating his 41st birthday today.

In researching and writing David Ware: a Vindication, we got to know and love members of David’s family. You’ll find some of them below, in the short film and photographs captured by Specs at the ceremonial unveiling of David’s headstone.

To this day, no elected official of the City of Ypsilanti has offered an apology—nor any words at all—to David’s mother, Maudess Sutton. She’s still here, radiating strength, light, and love.

Here’s to Maudess, to her family, and especially to her birthday boy, David.




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