Michigan Abolition and Prisoner Solidarity Website


Exciting news from the folks at MAPS:

Today we launch the Michigan Abolition and Prisoner Solidarity (MAPS) website. MAPS came together in the wake of the nationwide September 9, 2016 prisoner strike to organize in solidarity with prisoners against the violence of incarceration. To further their fight, we urge you:

Visit the site and share it with your comrades and contacts.

The MAPS website provides a timeline of events leading to the actions in Michigan’s Kinross prison on September 9 and the subsequent and ongoing retaliation against Kinross rebels. It also features recent letters from those imprisoned inside Kinross, plus annotated media coverage of the uprising and analysis of the spark that led to the largest and most widespread prisoner strike in US history. Lastly: it highlights support actions you can take.

Check out the MAPS website right now! Then spread the word (and the link).

Join our political commitment to amplify the voices of the imprisoned, as they struggle against the violence of mass incarceration.

In struggle,


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