Fight for Yousef Ajin


From the filmmaker:

Yousef Ajin is a father who has lived in America for 18 years, with four children attending school in Ann Arbor. He has been working toward citizenship for many years and routinely checks in with immigration offices in Detroit, every other week. On January 30, 2017, Yousef went for a routine check-in and never came home. He is now being held in a detention center in Kalamazoo. Yousef and his family are actively engaged in the Ann Arbor community. His daughter, Betoul (featured in this video), is a leading tech crew head in her high school theatre program. His son is severely disabled and requires considerable at-home care.

Yousef is the sole income provider in his home and his absence is causing great stress for the family. His wife, who has been out of the workforce for 16 years to tend to her son, has found a job and is working twelve hour shifts on the weekends while her daughters care for their brother. All four children are struggling to keep up with academics due to the stress of their father’s detainment.

On Tuesday, February 28 at 1:45 p.m., while Yousef faces a deportation hearing, community members will be rallying outside the federal building in vocal, visible support. The Ajins are a beloved family in the Ann Arbor community. Please show up to share your support during this vulnerable time for them.

Demonstration for Yousef Ajin
Tuesday, February 28 at 12:00 p.m.
McNamara Federal Building
477 Michigan Ave., Detroit

More event details are available here.


Another way to fight for Yousef Ajin’s release is to write a letter of support to his attorney, Christopher Vreeland:

Include your name, address, and phone number, and sign the letter. Letters should be emailed to Mr. Vreeland by midnight, Monday, February 27.


Read more about the Ajin family, courtesy of this piece by Joel Appel-Kraut in Community High School’s newspaper.


  1. Jessie Dee

    Actually I was notified the hearing will begin at 1pm now. Protest outside the court from 12-1pm. Salute, Jessie D ________________________________

  2. Rick

    Its good reporters are on the story its incredibly weak that no one can bother to show up in K Zoo and ask why exactly they are holding him. It seems its simply petty spiteful losers showing white power for egos sake


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