Regent is Latin for Ruler


The Ann Arbor News and Detroit Free Press have written about last night’s demonstration inside the EMU Student Center.

We can’t help but to waste another ten minutes critiquing the white supremacist propaganda that Media Relations Manager Geoff Larcom continues to circulate—not, we might add, out of ignorance; but rather as a tactic of narrative-management.

Larcom stated to the Free Press that no student activist has missed any class time and that the EMU administration’s actions have not “interfered with a student’s ability to progress toward their degree” as the result of sanctions stemming from their Student Center sit-in.

Larcom must not be up to date on any of the multiple articles and studies that demonstrate how Black people, who already traverse minefields of whiteness on the daily, are re-traumatized—sometimes acutely—by the forms of “sanction” that EMU is subjecting them to.

But we also know that Larcom’s only following orders. From whom? Leigh Greden, Rhonda Longworth, President James Smith, and this gleaming clique.


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