Virtual Klan, Digital Sheets

Anthony Morgan


People who are self-proclaimed racists subconsciously and outwardly feel a sense of superiority and Supremacy based on information that has been passed down systematically (be it false or not) and validated through every industry within society allowing the view to be upheld, woven and socially engineered through almost every form of media.

As their big closed brains continue to push the agenda of the Ku Klux Klan, with or without valid knowledge of true hateful agenda or wholeheartedly embracing their clandestine-cowardice tactics, perspectives and methods of carrying out ignorance and stupidity.

The Klan has remained unnamed and unchecked for over a century, being responsible for more terror against black and brown communities, families and individuals, having privately and publicly claimed more lives than history would choose to fairly recollect and honestly access. The Klan has existed invisibly within the fabrics of society on many fronts from businessman to law enforcement officer, judge, president, politician to regular old school board trustees. They have survived generations within the same confines of online terror; extremely widespread and incredibly difficult to regulate. And alongside them are their Klan wives and Klan children.

The Klan woman is the secretary, librarian, nurse or administrator of a school in an urban setting or board member who volunteers their time at an after school program. These people represent families who have devout loyalties to a neoliberal denunciation of culture, promotion of bigotry and their actions, intentions and impacts like the faces of ones beneath those sheets within the day to day routines, go unseen also. There is a literal and proverbial cloak that hides and masks the subtleties of hatred, dis-unification and prejudice underneath the smiles and acceptance of outward policies of an organization.

The Klan has not faced true consequences for the historical bloodshed they have been responsible for, the low brow violent tactics, coupled with the new methods to continue the hateful work without the accountability, courage or morality to have accurate truth about their boiling racial hate. There are millions of prejudice, racist people within the World Wide Web who demonstrate hate speech, divisive remarks, who discreetly symbolize the vast lack of morality and compassion of the Klan, without penalty. These underground perverse methods will prove to be the most egregious acts against humanity.

For negatively viewed organizations, having a hidden agenda is the only way that can secretly exist. This of course means to set up frameworks that have apparent duties, responsibilities that the public are generally unaware and only have knowledge of the outward function of the organization or group. The public has no information or understanding of the true intent and function of the organization.  In the same sense, online haters and proprietors of carnage and disarray pollute the minds and character of those too thick headed to think for themselves. The Klan has historical continuity, purposeful malice intent and communal structures that support and empower its deplorable nature of existence.

The blank white mask of the Ku Klux Klan is the historical symbol of immorality and cowardice that is synonymous with the devil itself, which represents all of the hate, misogyny, evil and terror that the world has known, mainly due to the hands of Europeans and Caucasian males. The cowardly actions of the Klan that represent freedom, liberty, justice and whiteness, appear to be delusional in nature are carried out with the impunity and joy that accompanies American Colonialism around the planet.

Every evil-distasteful post, blog or response is equal to a two-dimensional cross burning online. It signifies the smoke of stupidity, the flames of ignorance and adds inflammatory language as gasoline to further incite hatred and indifference. Each egotistical, eurocentric reaction to true diversity and humanity only solidifies and support that stupid people support and align themselves with the stupid (however, dangerous) ideology of the Ku Klux Klan.

Evil in the form of legislation, law enforcement, rogue citizens and systematic oppression can meet its deadlines and completely serve its purpose if there is no specific face to hold accountable, blame, ridicule or target with righteous indignation. The Mask symbolizes hidden agendas, fear and the lack of wanting to be revealed. This deep-seeded understanding and tactic of warfare has allowed them to operate for generations because in fact and truth, this core ideology has been and is still rooted in the heart of American culture; destroy what’s different.

And for the record, America has never been “Great” for the downtrodden, outcast, regulated population of society that has aided in the growth, development and richness of a Nation that has shown little to no gratitude, appreciation or commonality. Every moment that YOU as an individual support the chaos of madness and distraction, lessen the humanity of another over culture difference or promote stupidity with limited information; CONGRATULATIONS, YOU ARE HONORARY KLANSMEN. THIS IS REGARDLESS OF GENDER, RACE OR WALK IN LIFE.



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