Protest in Support of Queer and Trans Prisoners


Queer and trans prisoners want the public to know about the corruption in prison and want our help to amplify their voices. Please spread the word!

Here are some of their issues and demands:

—Zero tolerance for harassment or brutality by prison staff.
—NO RETALIATION for filing grievances.
—Guards who sexually harass prisoners should be removed from their units when they’re under investigation, per MDOC’s own policy.
—These homophobic guards already have dozens or, in some cases, over a hundred grievances against them. They should be removed from all contact with prisoners.
—Staff should be prohibited from forming cliques for purposes of retaliating against prisoners who file grievances.
—Staff should be required to follow MDOC’s own policies and federal policies that protect the rights of prisoners.
—Guards under investigation should be suspended or relocated until the investigation is over. This is already MDOC policy, but it has not happened in these cases at Cotton.
—Guards should be disciplined for talking about queer and trans prisoners in dehumanizing, denigrating ways to other prisoners, endangering their safety. This is already against MDOC policy.
—MDOC must provide better training for staff on professional, nondiscriminatory treatment of queer and trans people.
—Queer and trans prisoners should have the voluntary option of a designated unit or facility and yard where they are safe from sexual harassment and assault.
—Appropriate medical care.
—Trans prisoners should be able to keep hormones in their quarters. In recent months, hormones have been put on “restricted” status, forcing all trans prisoners to request them every day. Hormones are prisoners’ personal business.
—End corruption at MDOC, such as misappropriation of the Prisoner Benefit Fund.


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