5 Simple Steps to Becoming an Anti-Racist White Man

1. Help your white peers, children, and colleagues to recognize their own complicity in the system that continues to condemn Black and Brown people to premature death. If you think you yourself aren’t a beneficiary of this same system, then ground yourself first in an understanding of the concept of self-delusion.

2. If you ever witness a Black or Brown person being detained by cops, take out your phone and film the entire interaction. If you ever witness a Black or Brown person being harassed, assaulted, or otherwise transgressed by a cop or vigilante, put your body between the aggressor and the person of color.

3. If you’ve got a savings account or surplus assets of any sort, share this wealth with a friend of color who is struggling financially; furthermore, let them know they may feel welcome to request this sort of sharing/reparations at any time in the future. If you don’t believe your own financial comfort is made possible in part by the poverty of others, then you’re actively complicit in the system of white supremacy. (Do not give your surplus money to churches or non-profits; give directly to folks you know.)

4. Stop writing essays and Facebook posts decrying racism; the only thing these effect, albeit triflingly, is guilt about your own passivity. Instead, do something practical, in your own town—for example, take a piece of cardboard and a sharpie, write THIS WHITE MAN IS PRO-BLACK, and stand on a street corner for an hour. Better yet, see number 3 above.

5. Recognize that white supremacy is rooted in patriarchy. Work to undermine both in your own home—cook, clean, and care for others on a daily basis.


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