Irreplaceable You

Anthony Morgan

I want you to know now more than ever before how much you mean to the movement.

This is more of a love note of sorts, rather than essay or scholastic piece of writing. I want this letter to be direct and purposeful in its intent to unveil gratitude and appreciation for the collective works, ideals, and actions from the front line to the back burner—none of it goes unnoticed. The mission to be vessels that counterpunch injustice is risky and tireless at best, and is seldom rewarded or embellished. I am reminded daily of the courageous and zealous acts of the “opposers of oppression” who continuously mount deliberate levels and layers of resistance for the people within the movement. To be aware is to be in a fragile and restless position—one that demands constant reconnection, forthright action, and sensitivity to the plight that befalls those who care enough to pursue credible and tangible change.

This is my applause for the many who have found lost voices, and for those who have amplified or transcribed existing voices. It is my goal to encourage my brothers, sisters, and co-conspirators in the battles for equitable existence, while enabling spirits and renewing energies to continue on in this ever-needed struggle against the confines of capitalism and against the political chains that bind the uninformed and underserved.

May these words serve as a salute to those committed in their faith—you who identify needs and then take action in the name of social justice and definable change. There is no progress without your individual efforts. There is no growth without your emotional, financial, spiritual, intellectual, and artistic contributions. There is no continuity of our collective cause without your servitude, talents, research, bravery, art, words, passions, time, and ingenuity.

Without you, the concept of the uprising would be mere fiction. Without you, the movement would stagnate and its motion would cease to exist as we know it.

When I think of the idea of “movement building,” what I see is so many faces—and I hear those revolutionary voices that guide us in righteous directions. I saw your face in the crowd when y0u demanded justice for someone else’s soul—as if it were for your own living soul. The ethical nature of these pleas for equality is what pushes our collective agenda that much closer to home. And I hear your voice lifted in jubilant defiance whenever you rage against the contempt of the right and the state without any regard for your own safety and comfort. This is what makes me honor and appreciate your effort that much more—the fact that you don’t have to do it but yet feel compelled to is the I wish to acknowledge here your contribution to our struggle. I will be as you are and so shall we be together. Stay strong and courageous forever.

In solidarity,


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