Letter from George Jackson

June 14, 1970

I don’t think we can afford to be nice much longer, the very last of our protection is eroding from under us. There will be no means of detecting when that last right is gone. You’ll only know when they start shooting you. The process must be checked somewhere between now and then, or we’ll be fighting from a position of weakness with our backs against the wall. (I think we still have the advantage now.) We of the black colony know about that kind of action, fighting off of the wall. It’s not the best way to get down.

It’s getting tighter here, they’re taking our visits. It looks as if they’re stopping our court appearances. They also made a mistake concerning our “money draw” this month. This means we’ll be without the little things even.

You may never read this letter either, our mail is being held back, returned, thrown away somewhere. Nice people aren’t they? They richly deserve anything we can do to them. This man who just passed my cell counting, he’ll never listen to reason. His mind isn’t constructed that way. While we reason with him in ideals and ideas, he isn’t listening. He is thinking about which rule he’ll quote to dismiss us. When he walks away, you’ll see the little code book protruding from his ass pocket. That’s where he carries his mind, in his ass pocket. When we attack the problem with intellectualism we give away the advantage we have in numbers.

I’m with Bobby! We are going to have to kick him where he keeps his brain, in the region of the ass.




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