Justice Usually Never Embodies The Entire Essence Neglected Throughout History

SKLFL tha Free 1

I once wrote a rhyme about the agenda of America and the opening line starts like this: “at first glance America may be difficult to understand, whether an ideology or a geographical piece of land.” This remains a definite fact for those attempting to explain the greatness, vastness, or the hidden hypocrisies that this very young, powerful, and brutal nation holds.

America is a rogue nation and has been this way since its inception. It uses brutality to chisel the face of independence and make a mockery of the true principles of democracy. And she pretends to be blind as justice and uncompromising as Liberty, which continue to be astronomical farces in the grand scheme of things. I humbly understand that I lack the eloquence and panache to explain the depths of betrayal and depression that has been heaped upon the indigenous peoples of the world by her.

I don’t know if I can sympathize with the slave-minded who celebrate the independence of a nation on July 4th or the half-hearted almost progressives that choose to ignore Juneteenth as a day of liberation for the people of a subculture in America. There is a huge difference in rebelling, revolting, and resisting and there are true consequences for each of those realities.

I don’t have to use a thousand instances of historical context to prove the amounts of disdain and hatred that this country has had for those who have literally built the infrastructure and who have directed the moral compass of the world throughout history. My blood boils at the latest findings of infiltration by the privileged or the inhumane actions of mass slaughter by those afraid and uninformed about the true culprits of the current condition within the walls of America. I am ashamed for America. I am ashamed of ignorant patriots who determine freedom and equality on imbalanced scales. I must say a huge “FUCK YOU” to every Establishment that has been systematically placed between true liberation and MY people. I am no MLA format kind of writer so please forgive my lack of responsibility to grammar and punctuation. I write from the soul of slaves, descendants of Kings, and the spirit of the unborn, yet inhabit this world, as Mumia Abu Jamal would say, “in cruel freedom.” May OUR ancestors be proud of the stance that we collectively have taken in the face of all inhumanities ad depravities that exist. May these lyrics be a message of redemption and encouragement.

In Solidarity,
Anthony (SKLFL tha Free 1) Morgan

May these words allow a frequency and vibration to unfold
That resonates through melanin from within black souls
Been stripped of humanity, homelands, rights, and gold
Mis-educated about the hidden lies YOUR forefathers told
Independence can’t be celebrated on the 4th of July
When the very nature of OUR being you systematically deny
So if racism and prejudice is what your actions imply
How dare you celebrate oppression within the bare naked eye
On a day like this, in Texas in 1865
It would appear that it’s the day Our freedom train arrived
De facto hatred steadily rains upon Our tears as we cried
As WE slave away with free labor that’s been brutally supplied
OUR existence is denied as we stand on the outside
For Whites only is privilege and we’re too black to go inside
While fireworks flare and burst into the air
Trans-racial identities infiltrate the space WE share
Seemingly progressive folks suppress what they choose to not know
As so many shades of injustices colored by the New Jim Crow
As if the old went away like the lynchings of yesterdays
Whether by medicine, education, or industry, the gaps too far to gauge
Strap a bomb onto my heart and blow the white man away
In hopes that it encourages freedom fighters not to be afraid
Or find a deeper reason to be meaningfully engaged

While perpetrators pretend to be concerned on a grand stage

In every instance that is known, it appears justice is delayed

In every circumstance shown, it appears justice is delayed

In this very land that WE own, it appears justice is delayed

Juneteenth is day of remembrance and resolve
How far as a species have we truly yet evolved?
I hate history for the 2 reasons, one or the other
OUR greatness that is hidden or the atrocities they cover
Killed and slain our Fathers as they beat and raped our Mothers
Confused and drugged OUR sisters and imprisoned all my Brothers
If Independence was a reality, how could YOU watch US suffer?
And tell falsities to the world about the Greatness you’ve discovered
America is an unrighteous being with very little class
Wanting emancipation for herself, but won’t let another pass
And the media has a way of portraying her past
They killed the same King who said in peace: “free at last”
Oppression couldn’t happen unless the “good whites” close their eyes
Only to gain privilege from what brutality provides
So I have rarely witnessed liberty from where the racist law resides
So I send this redemptive letter to families of the victimized
For every firecracker lit is like a lash of master’s whip
For every star-spangled banner, I pray to not submit
In the spirit of every dark soul that can’t escape their skin
I had to compose this letter for the fire burning within
Radical enough to express my deepest core
And engage them in defiance for THEY choose to ignore





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