A Song for Aura

SKLFL tha Free 1


Some things I am going to say to you are going to inspire you or enrage you, I’m not here only for Mike Brown and Aura Rosser … I’M HERE FOR YOU!

Give us strength … to RESIST

May faith gradually increase the Killing has to cease
as we battle with the beast and brutality of police

Badges of dishonor shown everywhere we live
where cops get to shoot our kids before they get to dream big
OPPRESSIVE and unfair is just how the system is
LABOR free slavery always been big biz
5-0 do the dirty work and kill us in the street
At the will and fake God belief of the ELITE
Pigs with ill agendas ain’t never been new
Under trained and POWER hungry to a hood near you
From Ferguson to Ypsi, Detroit to Ann Arbor
Africa to America hear voices of the darker
Will lessons be learned over bodies of the martyrs
Or compel us to reach farther though the roads look harder
WHO insures these killer cops behind the shields they plot
control and watch city blocks making the flame hot
Don’t want to stray too far but tie 2 things together
A hateful SYSTEM and Ms. Rosser alive before it met her
Never knew that worlds would meet on a middle class street
Testaments of speech show evidence is concrete
Dispatch informed of a disturbance that’s domestic
A couple in an argument a knife was suspected
Appeared on the scene unknown PROTOCOL or method
Could merely being black and angry be the DEATH wish?
Called those who sposed to serve and protect such plights
Minorities understand that WHITE MIGHT means right
Cold November night, on a Sunday on the 9th
around a quarter to midnight if memory is precise
Ann Arbor PD, responded to the scene
In less than 60 seconds life became a bad dream
(They) forced through the door, two shots her body hit the floor
15 feet away DEAD, AURA was no more
Her boyfriend screamed in agony “what is this all for!?
They didn’t have to shoot her,” he would further implore
The basis of a problem one can no longer ignore
The mind state of RACIST cops who done declared war
On a CITIZEN in fact, some even get it in the back
Mike Brown got clapped, Trayvon got jacked
Same reason Eric Garner choked by a sneak attack
Melanin has a TAX, this is a true fact
They say black guys BATTERED, black lives shattered,
black lives fractured yet they say black lives MATTER
Know I do this here in memory of Aura
May everlasting spirit be fluid as the water….

… you see what happens to those that do don’t you … they can’t shoot us ALL! Hands up / Don’t shoot! Hands up / Don’t shoot!

 [Written, recorded, and performed by SKLFL tha Free 1 (Anthony Morgan)]


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