Still Seeking Justice for Aura Rosser


November 9 will mark two years since the murder of Aura Rosser by an AAPD officer. When Washtenaw County Prosecutor Brian Mackie declined to indict the officer, community members analyzed the materials from the Michigan State Police investigation and wrote The People’s Retort to the Prosecutor’s Report. In May of 2015, the prosecutor removed all the investigation materials, claiming they did not have adequate space to store it online. Recently, the prosecutor’s office re-released the investigation materials citing a renewed interest in the case. Perhaps they are referring to the renewed interest in AAPD’s conduct because the Human Rights Commission called for a civilian review commission or because an independent auditor is beginning an audit of the department. Perhaps the renewed interest is also because RAW recently released transcribed excerpts of interviews with eyewitnesses whose testimony contradicts the claim of AAPD Chief Baird that the officers’ actions “likely saved the life” of one of those eyewitnesses, Victor Stephens.

In any case, you can now review the investigation materials for yourself here. It’s never too late for justice for Aura!


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